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Life Lessons from Halloween

All Hallows’ Eve is just around the corner, so I’m looking forward to the time-honored traditions of under-performing on my decorations, burning the pumpkin seeds I so desperately want to come out perfect, and stealing candy from my children. Over … Continue reading

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My Brain Sucks.

An alternate title to this post might have been ‘Settle the fuck down’.  Here is a 30 second transcript from my brain: I need to pay off that debt. I wonder if I’m going to get laid tonight. I should … Continue reading

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Fidelity can blow me. An alternate plan for retirement.

The original title to this post was just ‘Fidelity can blow me’, but when I shared that with my wife she thought I meant relationship fidelity. That lead to quite a long discussion and what can only be called ‘over-sharing’ … Continue reading

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Why don’t I ever get invited to the Swingers’ Club?

While I will admit to wearing a toga at a few parties, around the house on a Saturday, and occasionally while shopping for jellies and chutneys, I acknowledge that I am no Grecian beauty. This was made abundantly clear to … Continue reading

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Things I Learned at a Suburban Kid’s Soccer Game

Fall in New England means a few things. Leaves changing color. Pumpkins. Football. The annual ritual of weekend soccer games consuming a significant portion of your day. The equally annual ritual of bitching about how many games you have to … Continue reading

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How United Airlines – and Not God – Taught Me to be Patient

There are few stories that begin with ‘so I was at Chicago O’Hare Airport…’ that don’t end with ‘….I was so angry I wanted to punch a baby.’ But this one is a story of transcendence thanks to the wonderful … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Teach Your Kids to Be Happy

It’s amazing to me, as my children (9 and 6) progress through their days of school, that the most important lesson we could teach them appears in none of the classwork, homework or field trips.  We teach math and science, … Continue reading

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