Welcome to Your Life, Stranger

Fifteen billion odd years ago, give or take a billion, there was no universe. There was nothing. Except what some religions call the Word, or the Will or God. That’s not that much different from science calling it Energy. Whatever it was, it just was. Totally and completely enclosed in itself. Uniform, unchanging (there was … Continue reading Welcome to Your Life, Stranger

Viva Mexico!

Years ago, we took the whole family to Mexico for a weekend. When Erin first scheduled the trip I figured we were headed to Cancun for spring break. To this day, I regret being so timid in that wet tee-shirt contest from 1995, and wanted a chance to really show the crowd what I had. This time … Continue reading Viva Mexico!

9 Struggles I hold in My Pea-Sized Brain

I struggle with balancing all of the following. These aren't original, but I like to write things down. There is an inherent moral code that directs us to choose good over evil at some instinctual level. We associate that instinct with God being good. But terrible, terrible things happen in the world, to the world, … Continue reading 9 Struggles I hold in My Pea-Sized Brain

Checking Every Box in Life

Life starts so clearly. So well defined and structured. And then it's not.... The progression through early school is defined by achieving a clear set of measurable goals. You must pass each grade. You try out for the varsity sports team. You make JV. You graduate high school and one of your classmates dies that night … Continue reading Checking Every Box in Life

A little experiment in time travel

The year is 2016. The scene: A father and his 7-8 year old daughter are riding their bikes downtown. They need to cross the street in some traffic. Daughter: "Meow, meow, meow, meow..." (apparently pretending to be a cat. Kids are so frickin adorable aren't they? You just want to squeeze them until they can't … Continue reading A little experiment in time travel