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Welcome to Your Life, Stranger

Fifteen billion odd years ago, give or take a billion, there was no universe. There was nothing. Except what some religions call the Word, or the Will or God. That’s not that much different from science calling it Energy. Whatever … Continue reading

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Viva Mexico!

Years ago, we took the whole family to Mexico for a weekend. When Erin first scheduled the trip I figured we were headed to Cancun for spring break. To this day, I regret being so timid in that wet tee-shirt contest from … Continue reading

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9 Struggles I hold in My Pea-Sized Brain

I struggle with balancing all of the following. These aren’t original, but I like to write things down. There is an inherent moral code that directs us to choose good over evil at some instinctual level. We associate that instinct … Continue reading

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Some things you just accept….

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Checking Every Box in Life

Life starts so clearly. So well defined and structured. And then it’s not…. The progression through early school is defined by achieving a clear set of measurable goals. You must pass each grade. You try out for the varsity sports team. … Continue reading

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I’ve officially become my parents

Collecting bacon grease next to the sink. Of course this is plastic and therefore likely to melt because I am dumb and won’t achieve anything right Dad? Right? I learned it by watching you. Seriously…you’re dumb too. Also don’t ask … Continue reading

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A little experiment in time travel

The year is 2016. The scene: A father and his 7-8 year old daughter are riding their bikes downtown. They need to cross the street in some traffic. Daughter: “Meow, meow, meow, meow…” (apparently pretending to be a cat. Kids … Continue reading

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