2020 Holiday Letter

Historically, I’ve written this Holiday letter with an eye towards helping to balance out the negative reaction and sense of self-loathing you might feel when reading other, overly rosy end-of-year updates. By providing a look behind the curtain and some frank reality, I always hoped you’d feel a bit less frustrated and disappointed with the … Continue reading 2020 Holiday Letter

2018 Holiday Letter – Boobs and All

What a year. From running a marathon on Antarctica to running around the hospital as Erin used cancer to fake her way to insurance paying for a boob job (eat that United Healthcare!), we’ve been full throttle. Work. Kid’s activities. Except I wasn’t really working. And our kids aren’t in that many activities. So the … Continue reading 2018 Holiday Letter – Boobs and All

My Christmas Failures and the 2009 Holiday Letter

I failed at a few things this Holiday season, including: Actually posting all of the historic Holiday Letters before Christmas. Assembling various children's gifts without swearing or drinking. Not calling an allen wrench 'you know, that weird hex wrench thing'. Actually having the right size allen wrench. Hey Schwinn, next time don't be assholes and include … Continue reading My Christmas Failures and the 2009 Holiday Letter

Brooks Post Year Re-cap Letter – 2008

At this point we're just going to run out of time before December 25, but on the upside we haven't sent our 2013 letters yet, so get used to disappointment. For those just checking in, 2005, 2006, and 2007 are available. I am noticing the problem with putting these all together is some thematic consistency … Continue reading Brooks Post Year Re-cap Letter – 2008