The Next Chapter….Helping Every Creator Succeed.

Just about a year ago my co-founders and I started out to build Laugh Exchange. I believed and still believe that comedians deserve to be rewarded and compensated for their time and talent. (We could all use a good laugh given......well.....everything). And while that belief about comedians remains as true as ever, I've always planned … Continue reading The Next Chapter….Helping Every Creator Succeed.

F*ck You Silicon Valley

So perhaps you remember these scenes from Silicon Valley, with Russ Hanneman's billionaire doors and his custom orange McLaren. Well........ Here is what I enjoyed parked in front of my house yesterday.'s that f*cking car. Oh yeah....he didn't just park. He opened his billionaire doors. Both of them. Why? Why did he need … Continue reading F*ck You Silicon Valley

Cryptocurrencies: A short film script

FADE IN EXT - Under a bridge. Scattered garbage. Evidence of homeless people abounds. Two squatting heroin users are preparing to shoot up. Rubber tube around arm. Spoon with heroin bubbling up. Heroin User One (speaking around needle in mouth) "You see Bitcoin is back under $10,000?" Heroin User Two "Yeah. But I'm more into … Continue reading Cryptocurrencies: A short film script

REBLOG – The Rat Race~A suckers bet! — Seven Spheres Epicurus had a philosophy of happiness. He believed that we were missing the whole joy of living by ignoring the simple pleasures like freedom, nature, friends and contemplation. His message from 350 BC seems even more urgent today than it did back then. When you consider the Converor Belt Lifestyle of today where from … Continue reading REBLOG – The Rat Race~A suckers bet! — Seven Spheres

Can’t we all be honest?

I'm sure many of us received this email from Netflix today. Interesting to note they delivered it at 4:17AM to me. Maybe a bit of an effort to lose it in my Sunday morning hangover? Didn't work. The losing it I mean. The hangover is in full effect. Honestly, I'd prefer Netflix to just be … Continue reading Can’t we all be honest?

It all comes down to what you’re creating….

As the 2018 global Consumer Electronics Show (CES) wraps up in Las Vegas, power outage or not, I can’t help but reminisce about the years I spent there as we were creating SmartThings. Our first CES was in 2013. At the time we weren’t in production with our product, but that didn’t stop us from … Continue reading It all comes down to what you’re creating….

Fidelity can blow me. An alternate plan for retirement.

The original title to this post was just ‘Fidelity can blow me’, but when I shared that with my wife she thought I meant relationship fidelity. That lead to quite a long discussion and what can only be called ‘over-sharing’ of feelings before we resolved to add the second sentence for clarity. Mind you, Fidelity … Continue reading Fidelity can blow me. An alternate plan for retirement.