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A Nudge from the Universe

Today’s a big day. My first novel, The Clown Forest Murders, has been published. You can buy it right now. You SHOULD buy it. And while it will be available on the big sites shortly, buying directly from our publisher, Black … Continue reading

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24 years later….lessons from my high school graduation speech

I spent last evening digging through boxes of files that have been chaotically strewn around our basement storage room. After 3 recent home moves, there is no longer any semblance of organization to paperwork in my life. Tax files, bank … Continue reading

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But I REALLY want to be someone…..

I recently read this quote by Osho from an article a friend shared with me. “Drop the idea of becoming someone, because you are already a masterpiece. You cannot be improved. You have only to come to it, to know … Continue reading

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An Alternative to the Coming Artificial Intelligence Dystopia

We all know the standard Hollywood fare for what the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds. Skynet becomes sentient, decides we all have to die, solves time travel, and sends back horrible humanoid creatures with bright red glowing eyes but … Continue reading

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What I learned while running 120 miles

I recently completed the TransRockies endurance run. This is a stage race where you cover 120 miles and 20K feet of vertical climbing over 6 consecutive days. So you basically get up every day, strap on your trail shoes and … Continue reading

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Life Lessons at Hamilton the Musical

My wife and I took our kids to see Hamilton last night at the SHN Orpheum theater in downtown San Francisco. After listening to the soundtrack multiple times each and every day for the past month+, my daughter was beyond … Continue reading

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The Art of Gripe Letters

I recall sitting in elementary school – maybe fourth grade – learning how to write a letter.  We practiced formatting, where to write our address, where to write the recipient’s address, affixing stamps, and even appropriate ways to greet the … Continue reading

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