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I did a juice cleanse….and it sucked bad.

Like ‘I fell down some stairs because I tripped stumbling out of the bedroom where I found my wife cheating on me as I was running to tell her about a foreclosure notice on our house because my ne’er-do-well brother in law … Continue reading

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I get man-shamed in my house. I know in the current political climate my suffering may not qualify for top billing on any news site, fake or not, but the struggle is real. The reason I get man-shamed is I am … Continue reading

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Checking Every Box in Life

Life starts so clearly. So well defined and structured. And then it’s not…. The progression through early school is defined by achieving a clear set of measurable goals. You must pass each grade. You try out for the varsity sports team. … Continue reading

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But amazing places was a core hope….

I was sitting outside having coffee this morning trying to come up with a series of bucket list destinations I wanted to visit and experience. I’ve done some amazing trips myself and recently found myself jealous of friends I know … Continue reading

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The Perfect Year

I know anyone living paycheck to paycheck can’t possibly contemplate this, but I’ve always wondered, given a year off work, what I’d do with it. Besides day drink and roam about town in ripped shorts and children’s sunglasses. I have … Continue reading

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I can do anything….except

I’ve got a pretty good resume going. I graduated from an Ivy League school with a degree in chemistry. And I don’t mean Cornell. I trained for and finished an Ironman triathlon the week before my 40th birthday. Here I … Continue reading

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My Christmas Failures and the 2009 Holiday Letter

I failed at a few things this Holiday season, including: Actually posting all of the historic Holiday Letters before Christmas. Assembling various children’s gifts without swearing or drinking. Not calling an allen wrench ‘you know, that weird hex wrench thing’. Actually … Continue reading

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