The Next Chapter….Helping Every Creator Succeed.

Just about a year ago my co-founders and I started out to build Laugh Exchange. I believed and still believe that comedians deserve to be rewarded and compensated for their time and talent. (We could all use a good laugh given……well…..everything).

And while that belief about comedians remains as true as ever, I’ve always planned to expand to helping millions of creators in every category – artists, filmmakers, musicians, designers, writers, performers – be rewarded as well.

If a creator is educating, entertaining or inspiring, I want to help them receive the thanks and support that encourages their art.

Given that mission, Laugh Exchange has been rebranded to Payge.  As part of that rebrand, there are some major improvements to how easy it is to create a profile, upload content and be supported. Payge provides creators with a single destination where they can ask for and receive support, regardless of where their content is published or consumed.


We want to continue to do more and more promotion work on the behalf of creators, to encourage fans to support them, to help with discovery and to reward fans for sharing and supporting content they love. The world needs creation and support for creation.

So take an action. Be bold. If you are a creator of any type – comedian, artist, filmmaker, musician, designer, writer, performer – Payge is for you. Go to and create your free Payge today. 

And if you are a fan of the act of creation, if you believe the universe is filled with, as Kurt Vonnegut says, a Universal Will to Become (or create), then encourage the creators you love to create their Payge and then support them.

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