Here we go again….

UPDATE: See my update on the strategy for this business here with the launch of Payge.

After I left my job last October, I spent a few months training to run around the world with the World Marathon Challenge and then basically didn’t really know what to do with myself. It became clear by March either I was going to have to go to AA or start another company. I know now that’s what I do. I create.

So by May we had incorporated a new company based on the belief that there should be a new, mobile-centric platform dedicated to connecting creators and fans of comedy. And so Laugh Exchange was born just a few days ago.

I wrote in a journal in 2011 that I wanted to do something in humor. I was blessed to meet Dave Bernath, former EVP and GM of Comedy Central at an executive conference last December. I believe in the law of attraction despite never getting invited to the swinger’s club we all hear about. I believe I met Dave because I told the universe this is what I wanted to do next, and here it is….in the world. I will only be happy creating, and now I get to live my dream of creating something in humor.

We have a long way to go with Laugh Exchange. New features. Deeper community and connection. But our mission is to give the millions of talented individuals in the world a platform through which their voice can be heard, and to give the billions of people on the planet who could use a good laugh just that. We’re a medical company. But not like Theranos. Laughter is medicine and we actually do what we say.

Think you’re funny? Share your creativity with the world at


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