Cryptocurrencies: A short film script


EXT – Under a bridge. Scattered garbage. Evidence of homeless people abounds.

Two squatting heroin users are preparing to shoot up. Rubber tube around arm. Spoon with heroin bubbling up.

Heroin User One

(speaking around needle in mouth)

“You see Bitcoin is back under $10,000?”

Heroin User Two

“Yeah. But I’m more into Ether now. They’re solving the speed of settlement on the blockchain.”

Heroin User One shoots up.

Heroin User One

(eyes rolling back, sighing)

“Nice. Did you sell some BTC to be able to pay for this shit?”

Heroin User Two

“Hell no. Had to give an old man a hand job down behind the diner. I’m full HODL.”

Heroin User Two takes needle and begins to prep.


Homeless Man
Is that a banana in your pocket? Or just a bitcoin.

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