Can’t we all be honest?

I’m sure many of us received this email from Netflix today. Interesting to note they delivered it at 4:17AM to me. Maybe a bit of an effort to lose it in my Sunday morning hangover? Didn’t work. The losing it I mean. The hangover is in full effect.

Screenshot 2018-01-21 09.17.14

Honestly, I’d prefer Netflix to just be honest. They should have sent an email that simply said:

“We’re increasing the cost of your Netflix membership because we want more of your money, and with the new tax law we want more of your money and then we want to pay less tax on that money. To be clear, and for the avoidance of all doubt….we want more money, you have some of the money that we want, and so we are taking it.”

Something like this article from The Onion.

Screenshot 2018-01-21 09.19.37

Then we can all rest easy with the truth and move on to some football day drinking.

2 thoughts on “Can’t we all be honest?

  1. I got the same one a few weeks ago (weird that we have different dates of effect) and thought similar thoughts. “Content is getting more expensive, Net neutrality is going away, we need more money to cover all that shit.”

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