The pain and heartache of being a celebrity

Being a celebrity isn’t easy. You have no personal privacy and live under a microscope of unreasonable public expectations. You can’t take your kids for a walk without being attacked by paparazzi. Any fluctuation in weight becomes front page material. You can’t do a little underage drinking, drop some Molly and drag race a $300,000 sports car down public streets without everyone making a bid deal about it. It can’t be easy.

But I think the hardest part about being a celebrity is how likely you are to come down with the most difficult of all addictions to overcome. Sex addiction.

Tori and Dean
Image Credit: meliaspringweddings and God the Creator himself

It was with deep sadness that I read about Tori Spelling’s husband, Dean McDemott. If you don’t know the terrible news, you can read more here. I mean, those two were a match made in heaven, on a beach, in white suits. I have tried to put myself in Dean’s position and understand the struggle he goes through on a daily basis, and I can tell you I know it can’t be easy.

Here you are, a human like everyone else, with strengths and weaknesses, and suddenly you’re being held accountable for an addiction that is very much out of your control. You wake up every day and put your pants on one leg at a time like everyone else. Granted they are very expensive pants, and you’re putting them on in a Hollywood mansion, but they are two-legged and have buttons….maybe zippers…. They hug your firm and supple buttocks like anyone else’s pants, cupping your….never mind, we’re off topic. (Dean….call me).

Then you go about your day like everyone else. Except unlike everyone else you have an addiction and therefore can’t say no to having non-stop sex with the range of attractive young women you come into contact with. And being attractive and rich doesn’t help the situation because it’s just so easy. The need is so overpowering that you intentionally place yourself in situations – at bars, hotels, Sunday church services, crossing guard stations, Toys-R-Us – where the chances of accidentally having sex are increased. That’s the sign of an addict. You can’t say no. You just can’t.

The rest of us poor saps – spending our days paying mortgages, making the hard choice to not get drunk by noon each day, showing up for work instead of jumping on a plane to Rio, deciding not to proposition our neighbor’s wives and that girl at the coffee shop, making dinner and cleaning up – we don’t know what it’s like. When you’re addicted to doing the things everyone wants to do. When you’re addicted to having fun with no life consequences or thoughts of the impacts on those around you, it’s hard. I guess it’s difficult to know just how hard without walking a mile in those moccasins. Hey Dean…..I’m a size 11. I’ll pay for shipping.

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