Life Lessons at Hamilton the Musical

My wife and I took our kids to see Hamilton last night at the SHN Orpheum theater in downtown San Francisco. After listening to the soundtrack multiple times each and every day for the past month+, my daughter was beyond excited for the live event. And while my wife and I were thrilled to enjoy such a heralded cultural experience with our children, we were even more excited for the educational opportunity the evening presented.

By educational opportunity, I don’t mean lessons about history, how our founding fathers were actual humans with their own desires and ambitions that could often be in conflict, or the power of ambition, drive and purpose.

I mean the educational opportunity of the walk through the Tenderloin in San Francisco. Here is a quick guide, in map form, to the few square blocks of intense study street education for our 13 year old son and 10 year old daughter. For those not in the know, the Tenderloin is often called San Francisco’s ‘sketchiest’ neighborhood.

Tenderloin Pic.png

We’re going back tonight for the ‘post midnight’ graduate course in life education.

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