Come again? Bearded clam, you say?

We play a modified version of the game Pictionary as a family some nights where we simply pull cards from the box, draw it on a small white board easel, and whoever guesses it first gets to draw on the next turn.

My 11 year old daughter got up and drew something that basically was…..a clam with a beard on it. She’s a pretty good little artist, so I tentatively said….

Uhmmmmm. Bearded Clam?

Sure enough, I got it right. Winner winner, seafood dinner.


Now….for those of you not getting the humor of this, I invite you to simply Google up the word Bearded Clam. Do it at work. While you’re projecting in a web meeting. There is a good chance it meant something else in the halcyon days of Pictionary. Perhaps it’s, ahem, a type of clam one could actually eat? But that’s not what it means now.

Of course my daughter picked up on my reaction and immediately went to search it up herself. My wife, bless her naivety, also wanted to find out what it meant. Fortunately I intercepted both and said we should just let this one lie….in the mud.

Thanks Pictionary. Bringing families together and exposing children to euphemisms for genitalia for generations. What’s next? Rusty trombone?

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