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When is it okay to die?

Fair warning…..this post tackles a more intense topic than normal. Today is April 2nd, which would be my brother Rick’s 46th birthday. This post is about his death. On an early morning in November of 1995, I returned to my … Continue reading

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Holiday Letter 2007

We’ve only got 9 days to get through the rest of these, so they’re coming fast and furious now. If you haven’t read 2005 or 2006, do so. Or don’t. Like I care. Holiday Letter 2007 Dear Friends, Family, Loved Ones, … Continue reading

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This post is to make you feel like a bad parent and through that to make myself feel like a better parent. I hope it works.

Hi. You’ll enjoy this, so please read on. Check out these pictures of a hike I took with my kids today. The only reason I am publishing them in such a public forum is my clear desire to demonstrate how … Continue reading

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