The Penderson Local: March 6, 2018

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Penderson Community Reminders:

  • While Sam Ferris’ argument that the high school football/soccer field is not officially designated a community park or common area under Code:24;i;2 is technically true, we still ask that you clean up after your dogs. Practice had to be canceled last evening.
  • Ex-councilman Reynolds is not acting in any official capacity outside of the town hall. Engaging or in any way supporting his calls to “Lock Her Up” is childish, and a disservice to Linda, who is going through her own struggle right now.
  • Given the current climate and evolving tastes of the participants, the Wednesday afternoon “Mom’s Splish n Dish” will be renamed to the “Stay at home parent cocktail of your choice fellowship hour”. Stacey Dean is still hosting at her home on Beach Road. A dish to pass is no longer required.

Police Blotter:

  • While upsetting, the loud screaming coming from Aaron Forks’ farm is not technically a crime nor a disturbance in that it resolves before 7pm each evening when he falls asleep on the couch.
  • Police issued 3 DUIs last Wednesday afternoon at a driving check on the corner of Beach Road and Route 23.

Kartoon Korner: Today’s picture is part of our series where we invite young artists to help promote local businesses. Jonah, 9, a 3rd grader at Penderson Elementary, provided this picture on behalf of Fahy’s Funeral Home.

Funeral Home Ad
Fahy’s reminds you it is illegal to dispose of human remains on private property.

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